About Us

Wing Shing Wallpaper Company Ltd is one of the leading wallpaper retailers in Hong Kong. With over 40 years of history, Wing Shing has been providing high-quality wallpaper to various types of customers, for both personal and recreational use. Our products come from all around the globe, including the famous manufacturers from Italy, Belgium, America, Japan and Korea etc.

Our store is located in the busiest area in Mongkok, where you will meet our professional sales team. Through daily conversations and impeccable after-sales service, we gradually understand the style and colour that Hong Kongers like, and therefore we have collaborated with friends in Malaysia and Taiwan to produce our own brand of wallpaper. These wallpaper has been known to be super successful, including European Damasque styles, deep embossed styles, Swarovski inspired crystal style, and recently the ‘people’s favourites’ Marble style etc. Shopping at Wing Shing is a truly unique experience, not only we have plentiful stock, but also they are exclusive here at Wing Shing.
Quality Wallpaper
Whether it is personal or recreational use, the use of wallpaper can instantly elevate the style of the inner-space. With thousands of choices, the use of wallpaper can definitely show character in the room.

Meanwhile, our products are very durable, as it is water and dust resistant.
Affordable Price
A common misunderstanding for wallpaper designs is that it will cost a lot of money.

Instead, we have been offering our products at an affordable price in order to make wallpaper accessible to everyone. This has also been our key to success over the past 40 years.
Over the years, our source of wallpaper has been sustainable and eco-friendly. We have also pay special attention to avoid the use of harmful chemicals when producing wallpaper.

We recommend our customers to use high quality wallpaper paste, where it is VOC free and transparent when dry, increasing its durability.