Wallpaper Calculator

Wallpaper is mainly sold in two ways:
  1. Per rolls, typically 0.53 or 1.06 m wide, 10 m long
  2. Per yard, 1 yard wide

I want to apply wallpaper onwall.
I measure in

I am using(One {{Unit}} will cover {{Widthm2}} sq. m or {{Widthft2}} sq. ft.)
Wall  is
 wide *
m wide
m tall
ft wide
ft tall
I need  
A {{Widthm}}-ft-wide wall needs {{widthcal}} strips of {{Width}}-in-wide wallcovering
A {{Height}}-ft-long wallpaper can be cut into {{heightcal}} strips at {{Heightm}} fts each.
{{widthcal}} strips are {{Total}} {{Unit}}.
{{widthcal}} strips are {{Total}} {{Unit}}.
Calculations based on provided measurements are for reference only.
Please allow room for error of ~10% while applying wallpaper.